Thursday, September 25, 2014

NFL Picks Week 4 NCAA Picks Week 5 ATS Moneyline Over/Under

The DoverPro provides Amazingly Accurate NFL and NCAAF Picks.

The free NFL and NCAAF football predictions include straight up moneyline , against the spread and over/under points totals final score. These picks are ranked by probability with confidence units using the DoverPro unique probability confidence unit system. The football prediction selection spreadsheet is posted every week.

Hi Football Fans!

Final NFL and NCAA Football Picks for the week are posted. Keep in mind the system requires a few weeks of  statistics to develop. 

For NFL Week 4 moneyline predictions, the Chargers and the Steelers have good value as do the Falcons. Topping the ATS NFL Picks the home team Charges and Steelers look very strong to cover, and the Patriots on the road should bounce back.  For an upset, I'm still on the Bears bandwagon, at home they could just beat the Pack. 

In the NCAAF Week 5 straight up predictions, home teams look to dominate the picks, Wisconsin, LSU and Kansas State head the list. In the NCAAF ATS predictions, Oklahoma State at home over Texas Tech is the best bet and UCLA on the road should cover.

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Good luck this week, let's hope your teams WIN!

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