Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NFL Week 4 Outlaw Football Pointspread line

HI Football Fans! Back in business again! Here is the DoverPro Outlaw line for NFL Week 4. It provides the projected score and point spread for each game as well as total points, based on the NFL Power Rankings, before adjustments variations and before the oddsmakers balancing the betting load. The outlaw line is compared to the Vegas Spread for informational purposes only! Here is the link: NFL Week 4 Football Outlaw Pointspread. Good luck and have fun! DoverPro

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hi Football Fans! The NFL Week2 and NCAA Week 3 Free Football Picks are posted! Both ATS Against the spread and SU Straight up ( the moneyline ) for every NFL and NCAA game. Here is the link: Free Football Picks ATS SU NFL NCAA Good luck! DoverPro

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NFL Week 2 Outlaw Point Spread Line with Point Totals

The NFL Football Outlaw line for Week 2 has the projected socres and projected point spreads before the Vegas Line adjustments. The Outlaw Line includes the Point spread, point totals and a comparison to the Vegas Line. You can see the Outlaw line at the followoing link: NFL Football Point spread Outlaw Line Week 2 This line is bought to you by Football Free Picks and the DoverPro. To be notified when the weekly Outlaw line is posted and to receive the free picks for every NFL and NCAA game, add your email address to our list here: Free Football Picks ATS SU Good luck!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Free Football Picks are Posted! NFL Week 1 and NCAA Week 2 ATS SU

Hi Football Fans! The DoverPro Free Football Picks are posted. NFL Against the spread and Straight up and College Football ATS and SU. Great pool picks and survivor pools, all picks have a percentage probability and confidence factor. NFL week 1 Free Picks and College Football Week 2 ATS and SU picks. Here is the link: Free Football Picks NFL NCAA ATS SU

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NFL Football Week 1 Outlaw line. Pointspread line for NFL week 1

Hi Football Fans! NFL Football is back! And the games look good after all this preseason practice. How about those Lions? 4-0, but will it mean anything once the real games start? The Dover Pro NFL Football Outlaw line is now posted. This is the preliminary statistical analysis of each NFL game with computed point spreads and total points based on the the power rankings and our computer model. NFL Outlaw points line for week 1 Good luck Football fans! Be sure to visit the site to see the Final Week One picks, published on Thursdays. Sign up to get the picks as soon as they are released! Free Football Picks ATS SU See our results for the full season last year at: Football Free Picks ATS 2007 Have fun!