Who is DoverPro?

Consider this. If you gamble, most likely you will lose! The house odds are against you in every case. But if you are going to gamble, then you must know the optimum strategy for any game. For example, in blackjack, you must use the basic strategy, and hope for a good run. Some players have learned how to count cards, which also increases the odds in the players favor. But in all cases, you must develop your skill levels and find any edge you can. What we offer is the small edge that just may help you put the odds in your favor!

If you bet on American Football, you need an edge. Most betters base their picks on emotion, and usually try to find a way to bet on the home team, or their favorites. The Bookies love this. Since all they care about is the "action" which pays them the "vigorish" ( the price you pay when you lose a bit ), as long as they have people who bet with them, they make money. The "point spread lines" you see are not necessarily the margin by which the oddsmakers think the teams will win by, but the anount of points they need to give up to get people to bet on the underdogs. It is all about getting action!

The DoverPro uses a system to find winners in both the NFL and the NCAA. The picks are published freely on these webpages, and the DoverPro system has NEVER had a losing season. There are no emotional picks, just cold statistical analysis and some weighted consensus picks from the experts. You can find out a lot more here at the site:  Free Football Picks NFL NCAA

Other betting systems strategies from the DoverPro include the Blackjack Betting Trigger is a statistically determined specialized betting opportunity that gives you an advantage over the house up to an average of 11% - and sometimes even higher!

What we offer is a statistical analysis of gaming. We look for small advantages to the player. When our Calculated Craps - A Winning Betting Strategy was first released, it met with immediate success. One player who used it wrote that " it worked so well, it is hard to believe it is legal!" Try our systems risk free. If you are not satisfied, you are guaranteed a full refund of your purchase price, whether you win or lose! 

DoverPro plays Texas Holdem Poker tournaments almost exclusively these days and has developed a playing strategy for the game called the Texas Holdem Poker Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy , a system for betting based on the Goren Point Count System for bridge. The Strategy is published in an ebook and is currently used by thousands of players at live poker rooms as well as online sites. 

The DoverPro is the Internet Identity of a well know winning gambler who has chosen for many reasons to remain anonymous. A successful businessman in the Detroit Area, he has pioneered many computer based systems, has created applied statistical analysis package software, and has been in the forefront of internet technology internationally.  The DoverPro has played Texas Holdem for over 25 years, and is a veteran of thousands of Texas Holdem Tournaments, with a very high final table and winning percentage.

Where did the name come from?
The pro from Dover is a slang term for outside consultants who are brought into a
business to troubleshoot and solve problems. The term comes from the 1968 book M*A*S*H by Richard Hooker. In the book, the character Hawkeye is described as using the guise of being the pro from Dover to obtain free entrance to golf courses.

Hawkeye would walk confidently into a pro shop, smile, comment upon the nice
condition of the course, explain that he was just passing through and that he was Joe, Dave or Jack Somebody, the pro from Dover. This resulted, about eight times out of ten, in an invitation to play for free. If forced into conversation, he became the pro from Dover (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, England, Ohio, Delaware, Tennessee, or Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, whichever seemed safest).

Later on in the book, when Hawkeye and fellow surgeon Trapper are called from
Korea to Tokyo to perform surgery on a congressman's son, the following exchange takes place:

'All right,' Trapper said. 'Somebody trot out the latest pictures of this kid with the shell fragment in his chest.'

"No one moved.

"'Snap it up!' yelled Hawkeye. 'We're the pros from Dover, and the last pictures we
saw must be forty-eight hours old by now.'

This latter exchange is repeated in the 1970 movie, but the term pros from Dover is
not explained in the script. People who had seen the movie, but not read the book,
started using the phrase to mean outside experts/consultants without understanding that Hawkeye was using the term facetiously, referring to an old con he used to run.