Friday, January 25, 2008

SuperBowl XLII Predictions ATS, SU, Teasers and Totals Picks

Hi Football Fans! It SuperBowl time! And this one looks to be very interesting! The Giants have earned it by overcoming heavy odds and the Patriots deserve it with a perfect season, so far! The DoverPro Early SuperBowl picks are out and posted and can be seen here: Super Bowl Picks ATS, SU, Teasers, and Total Points There will be an update to the picks, be sure to come back here to see it, or sign up for the email notice. Good luck and have fun! DoverPro

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SuperBowl Outlaw Line Pointspread from the DoverPro

Hi Football Fans! Super Bowl XLII! It's that time of year again, and we have a surprise matchup that no one expected! The Giants and Patriots play next weekend in Arizona and there is no question that the Giants overcame long odds to claim their spot. Are the teams mismatched? Check the DoverPro NFL Outlaw Line to find out! We call the pointspread and the over under totals for the game. See the Superbowl XLII Outlaw line here: Superbowl XLII Outlaw Line While you visit, be sure to sign up for the email notice of when our Free Super Bowl Picks will be posted. DoverPro

Friday, January 18, 2008

NFC AFC Championship Playoffs Free Picks ATS, SU, O/U

Hi Football Fans! The last playoff weekend before the SuperBowl! Two great games on a Sunday that traditionally favors the home teams. The DoverPro picks for the NFL Playoffs Round 3, the NFC and AFC Championship games are up and posted on the website. The picks are Against the Spread, Straight up, and the Points Totals ( Over Under). Click here to see them: NFL Playoffs AFC NFC Championship The DoverPro is on an NFL Playoffs roll, ATS picks = 6-1-1 and up 11 units, over/under picks 3-0 and up 5 units! You can see the 2007 results here: Free NFL Football Picks Results The Free Football Picks blog is published every Friday. To get the picks earlier, be sure to sign up for the email notice of when the picks are posted. Signup here: Free Football Picks ATS SU DoverPro

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

AFC NFC Outlaw line for Conference Championship Playoffs

Hi Football Fans! Superbowl! And this is the final Playoff for the Conference Championships to determine who gets into the biggest game of the year. The Outlaw Line from the DoverPro is now posted and can be seen at: Free Football Playoffs Picks

Traditionally, this Sunday's games will favor the home teams straight up ( SU ) but as for the pointspread ( ATS ), it looks to the DoverPro that the oddsmakers may have been a bit too generous. Be sure to sign up to get the email notice of when the Free Football Picks are posted.

We are having a great year, and an even better NFL Playoff Season, 6-1-1 ATS and 3-0 for the Over/Under. See the full results here: 2007 Free Football Picks Results

Have fun and good luck!


Friday, January 11, 2008

NFL Playoffs Free ATS Picks for Divisional Championship by DoverPro

HI Football Fans! The road to the Superbowl grows a bit narrower and a bit shorter this weekend with the NFL Divisional Playoffs. Traditionally, this weekend belongs to the home teams and, for the straight up picks, this appears to be true again this year. ATS, or against the spread, is a whole different story, with the oddsmakers being pretty generous to the road dogs this year. However, there is some value in these spreads, and some opportunities ATS. To see the free picks, go here: NFL Divisional Playoff Free Football Picks Good luck and have fun! DoverPro

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NFL Outlaw Line for Divisional Championship Playoffs

HI Football Fans! The NFL Divisional Playoffs Outlaw Line holds a few surprises again this week, the oddsmakers must have some heavy action influencing the Vegas pointspread lines. Watch out for the Road Dogs on Sunday! We are off the a good start in the NFL Playoff season, with 3-1 ATS and 3-1 SU, and a plus units count! You can see the NFL WIld Card results here: NFL Wild Card Weekend Playoffs Pick Results The DoverPro outlaw lines provide the statistically generated cacluated pointspread and over under points totals. To see the NFL Divisional Playoffs Outlaw line, go here: NFL Divisional Playoffs Outlaw Line. The DoverPro Free Football Picks are amazingly accurate! DoverPro

Friday, January 04, 2008

NFL Playoffs Free Picks for WildCard Weekend by DoverPro

HI Football Fans! NFL Wild Card Weekend is here! The home stretch to the SuperBowl starts Saturday and the DoverPro picks for the weekend are published. Both ATS and SU for the first round of the playoffs are posted on the site,along with picks for the Over/Under. Traditionally the Home Teams are the winners this weekend, but we have a few surprises in our picks - check them out! You can see them here: NFL Playoffs Wild Card Weekend Free Football Picks Good luck and have fun! DoverPro

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NFL Outlaw Line for WildCard Weekend!

Hi Football Fans! NFL Wild Card Weekend means high stakes for the 8 teams in this first week of the 2007 NFL Playoff season. The DoverPro Outlaw Line provides some insight into the the team matchups when compared to the oddsmakers selections from Las Vegas. Check it out at the link below. DoverPro NFL Wildcard Weekend Outlaw Line. Check back tomorrow for the link to the DoverPro Free Football Picks for NFL Wild Card Weekend! You can sign up to receive the NFL Football Free Picks link by email here: NFL Free Football Picks DoverPro