Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NFL Conference Championship Playoff Predictions: Final Scores Point Spreads & Early ATS Picks - NFL Outlaw Line

NFL Predictions Conference Championship Playoffs Week 20 - NFL Outlaw Line

The NFL Outlaw Line from the DoverPro provides amazingly accurate statistical analysis of NFL team Power Rankings for final score predictions of all NFL games every week and includes Early Point Spread Picks ranked by computer probability.

Hi NFL Playoff Football Fans!

Posting the Outlaw Line a bit early again this week. Last weekend the final picks were 4-0 sweep on the straight up picks, 3-1 on the ATS predictions and even got 3-0-1 on the Over/Under calls.   NFL Picks Results  I don't think I underestimated the Patriots last weekend, I overestimated the Chiefs defense against Tom Brady. 

NFL Conference Championship Playoffs! Now this is serious football. I have no doubt the four best teams in the NFL are playing on Sunday. In fact, in my opinion, the best two are playing each other, the Cardinals and the Panthers. The LVSC spreads seem about right. The Patriots are favored by three on the road at an oxygen poor Mile High Stadium in Denver,  and the Panthers favored at home by three also hosting the Cardinals.
Check out the NFL Outlaw Line for the Conference Championship Playoffs to see all the NFL teams predictions for projected winners, point spreads, and final scores. The NFL Week 20 final picks will be out Wednesday afternoon.

Text Link: http://www.football-free-picks.com/2015-Football/NFL/Outlaw-Line-NFL-week20.html

Good luck this week, lets hope your teams win!

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