Wednesday, December 02, 2015

NFL Predictions Week 13 Final Scores Point Spreads + ATS Picks - NFL Outlaw Line

NFL Predictions Week 13 Point Spreads Final Scores + ATS Picks - NFL Outlaw Line

The NFL Outlaw Line from the DoverPro provides amazingly accurate statistical analysis of NFL team Power Rankings for final score predictions of all NFL games every week and includes Early Point Spread Picks ranked by computer probability.

Hi Football Fans!

This week I have to comment on the terrible officiating we are seeing in the NFL this year. It seems it just keep getting worse, and even the broadcast crews are openly discussing it. The officials too often are deciding the game outcomes.  Wins, losses, trips to the Playoffs, all are at stake and it is starting make many question the "integrity of the game" as the commissioner calls it. Replays have not solved the problem. Something is amiss.

The NFL Week 13 Outlaw Line predicts some strong wins straight up, Cincinnati with a big win over Cleveland, Carolina should easily defeat home dog New Orleans, and Chicago as a home favorite should get the win over San Francisco.  And for the NFL ATS Predictions this week, the Bengals top the list, to cover the Browns, the Panthers cover the Saints and the Broncos cover the Chargers. 

Check out the NFL Outlaw Line for Week 13 to see all the NFL teams predictions for projected winners, point spreads, and final scores. The NFL Week 13 final picks will be out on Thursday at Noon  along with the NCAA College Football picks.  

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Good luck this week, lets hope your teams win!

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