Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome Football Fans! 2015-2016 NFL & NCAA Football Picks

Hi Football Fans! Update!

Welcome back to another year of great Football! Let's have some more fun this year! Free Football Picks are back again! Last year went well,  2014 -2015 Football Season Final Results
The NFL Cheat Sheet is back and includes the NFL Weekly Schedule, Strength of Schedule, and my Final Standings Predictions for the NFL 2015 regular Season.

Right now the exhibition season is still under way, and I just don't bother to pick those games. If you want some advice on how to do it, generally in preseason the best coaches tend to cover the spreads.  The NFL Outlaw Line for 2015 Week 1 will be posted September 4, and the final picks for Week 1 on Thursday 9/10/15 before noon. 
NCAA Picks start  next week, I added the NCAA 2015 Weekly Schedule this year, if you want to take a look at it. College Football Picks will be posted on 9/2/15 before noon. The season starts with an FCS game,  No. 1 North Dakota State (0-0) at No. 13 Montana (0-0), this could actually be fun to watch! ESPN carries it at 3:30. Since it is not on my NCAA FBS lists I'll just post my pick on the blog on Friday.  Check it out:  Free Football Picks Blog

Pick for NDSU At Montana (odds NDSU -16  48 )  
NDSU 31,  Montana 21  

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