Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the 2010-2011 Football Season!

Welcome back Football Fans! Google, or Blogger, or someone has made us move, so now the blog host is here: Free Football Picks Blog If you have the blog bookmarked you may have to change it. New updates on the home page, including the NFL Schedules, NFL Team Pages, and some great deals on NFL Logo Gear. As usual, there will be no picks for the NFL Preseason, but the next post will have a few words of wisdom for the last two games of the NFL Preseason. College Football picks start with NCAA week 1. For the new visitors, see this page: How to use the Free Football Picks! Good luck this year, and remember the best and fastest way to get the Free Football Picks is to join the mailing list. See the link above or just click here: Get Free Football Picks DoverPro