Thursday, July 02, 2009

2009 NFL Football Free Picks Updates

Hi Football Fans! The 2009 NFL Season is looking exciting and fun, and we are getting ready! The site is under updates daily now, and we have posted some great info: NFL Final Standings Predictions NFL Schedules by week and by team NFL Superbowl XLIV Odds As usual we will not provide picks for Preseason NFL Football, but will concentrate on the start of the regular season for NFL Week 1 and NCAA Week 1. The DoverPro NFL Outlaw Line will be posted on Thursdays on this blog. The Free Football Picks will be posted on Fridays (Thursdays when applicable) on this blog. But the best way to get them both is still to sign up for the email, this will alert you as soon as the Outlaw Line is released, and also alert you when the Free Football Picks for both NFL and NCAA games are made and posted, sometime much earlier in the week. Just send an email to Football Reports with Add me to your list in the title. (NO spam, ever!) Just a reminder (and a bit of a brag, lol) here are the 2008 season results: Free Football Picks 2008 Results Have fun and good luck! DoverPro